Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nail Polish Collection!

Hello everyone!!
I though I would post a picture of my nail polish collection in case anyone is curoius to see what I have right now. This is a growing collection of brands and colors so I will be constantly adding little by little (even tho my hubby thinks I have too much as it is ☺) So here it is:

As you can see I own mostly L.A. Colors nail polishes although my Sinful Colors selection is rapidly growing. I also have NYC, Lycra, Rimmel, Jordana, Orly, Wetn'Wild and Pure Ice. I am not going to list the names of the colors since I stored them up already but if you want to know just ask me. Until next post then ♥.


  1. so jealous of your polish collection!


  2. Love your collection! I've bought my first LA Colors polish a month or so ago, and I loved it! I want to purchase more!


  3. Aw your nail polish collection is so cute and tiny!! LOL
    (I'm not making fun of you, but compared to my massive hoard this is nothing!)
    If your boyfriend thinks this is too much he should talk to my boyfriend! My bf would be happy if I got my collection down to this size!!

  4. I meant your hubby, not boyfriend! Oops!

  5. OMG I was just about to say that picture was taken like a year ago and the I saw the date on the post and I can't believe it. My collection has grown soooo much since then. I have about 200 polishes now!! (is there something wrong with me, I think I really am addicted lol). BTW thanks so much for the comments, you are all lovely!